Thank God!


Such a moving night and such an early decision!  I thought it was going to take all night or even days, but 9 pm here in El Paso Texas, I got the President I want and deserve!  Now let’s get through the idiotic congressional gridlock and get those policies in place!  Happy happy, happy happy happy!!!



Oh Sandy, you made the National Institutes of Health cancel my conference this week.  But mourning for all those people suffering out there on the East Coast.  Transfixed by the coverage.

Friend in Newark with a newborn checked in thank goodness.  Says she’s a hoarder, so she has enough diapers!  🙂  and there’s a phone charging station that still has power a few blocks away.

Nasty horrible toxic water – don’t touch it!  Inconceivable that the subways are flooded – it is what scientists have been predicting for a long time and the stuff of horror films.  Wasn’t there a recent horror movie exactly about this?  Wasn’t it called “2012”?

Will we get any movement on climate change in Congress now?  Helllloooo???

so sad about the Bounty – they were trying to save it.

The Death of American Ethics


I thought I had seen the worst with the tactics during the 2000 and 2004 elections; the “hanging chads”; the Diebold voting machines that didn’t record votes for Democratic candidates; the nasty race baiting, using John McCain’s little girl as a campaign target.  A little girl, for goodness sake!  Who ARE you, Republicans?

But the ethically-challenged Romney campaign has committed first-degree homicide on Truth in America.  We have free speech, so Romney and Ryan can say anything they want without worrying whether it’s a lie or not, but don’t we have laws against false advertising?  The Romney campaign is advertising a product that either does not exist, is not what they say it is, does not disclose its ingredients like tax returns and specificities of their financial plans, and deliberately misleads on the auto industry to the point that Chrysler, GM and Jeep are forced to publicly denounce the Romney Ryan campaign.  And yet they keep pushing, and upping the ante.   Who are these people who can admire this terrible immoral behavior enough to vote for them?   Is it really just about the race of the incumbent?

NO shame.  Doesn’t the Mormon faith teach humility and ethics?  I know the Catholic faith considers lying a sin.  Ryan must have a sleeping bag in the confession box, he’s lied so much during this campaign.  He needs to be concerned about his immortal soul.  Just as the Republicans smeared the sterling reputation of Colin Powell, Ryan has taken on the “stench”, as someone so aptly put it, of the lies and lack of ethics of Wiggle-Worm Romney.   Not that we wanted Ryan in charge anyway.